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Above Par is a Brisbane-Australia based indie games team that formed at the start of 2012. We consist of 4 members, each having many game ideas that we would like to eventually make for everyone to play and hopefully enjoy.

  • Christopher Hughes

    At one point in time he was known throughout all the land as "That purple haired guy", or at least he likes to think so. His game ideas are all fueled by caffeine and if caffeine stopped existing, he would probably die. However, this glorius nectar of the gods has provided him with some kickass ideas to work with.

  • Rhys Palmer-Whittaker

    Rhys acts as kind of the storyteller of the team, but mainly because either no-one ever believes him or he's trying to storytop someone elses story. When he's not trying to tell an epic yarn, he's having his hair braided, freaking people out with his bushy beard and general extrovertedness or doing some other weird thing.

  • Thomas Haines

    When he isn't rocking aviators or finding ways to stick it to the man, we have him locked in a basement programming our games. Unforfunately he's our only programmer atm so he doesn't really get let out much. Also, he likes trains.

  • Kane Green

    If there is one thing Kane loves, it's crazy hats. He uses them to lure people in whenever we need playtesters for a game we are making, so watch out! And when he isn't kidnapping people for testing, he's either engrosed in his PSP, thinking of zaney ideas or doing random stuff.